History of Wrongler begins far in the past. Officially band activity under name Wrongler began 2009 when drummer Harri and bassist Juho played with other musicians. Early activity included difficulties with finding permanent band camp. Loud metal music didn’t quite suite the lifestyle of peaceful Finnish suburb. After changing band camp only to face problems with landlord trying to take more than agreed, soundproofing seemed like a reasonable solution. Band kept on playing with only vocalist dropping out. Songs were mostly covers but over time band started making music of their own. 2014 one of the songs was released with guest vocalist. The Seeker was uploaded to YouTube and Spotify. Meanwhile more songs were recorded but left unreleased. 2015 Wrongler had to move once again. This time band camp was in famous area of Oulu called Hiukkavaara. Old military barracks has a lot rooms rented for local bands. Hot and small space was uninspiring and acoustics of old building made playing a living hell. Band was about to quit. 2016 a new band camp was finished. This time it was built from the beginning by drummer Harri. Only problem was that band being short of members with other guitarist leaving. Later 2016 Jyrki joined the band as a lead guitarist. Shortly following Henri joined the band for vocals. With a new lineup band was refreshed. Jyrki started composing songs for the band and in short time dedication was rewarded when the first official new era song from Wrongler was published. Torn Apart was released in YouTube. More songs are coming shortly as Wrongler is working to bring on some awesome metal for people to enjoy!

Henri Siika-aho