Forgotten Life (2nd song from E.C.H.O ep 2021)

(Lyrics by Henri Siika-aho)

Crystal tears in eyes of liar

corrupted by filth and desire

tainted mannequin of flesh

feel no shame or regret

words are toxic deeds are worse

human form of mortal curse

burns your soul and keeps the ashes

stashed away as another one crashes...

Bowed by the cold tomb 

of lost innocence

and dreams that we forged in the fires by night

I hold your hand

for the last time before

letting go as we both...   

Lost and frozen from inside

spark of hope, I watched it die

no wounds to heal, bruises to mend

just waiting for the closing end

Darkness fills these lonely years

poisons unleash these heldback tears

never the same, less or more

nothing to live, nothing to die for...

Bowed by the cold grave

of lost innocence

and dreams set on fire one lone winter night

I close my eyes

for the last time before

letting go as we both fall...

Go now before it breakes you

Go now before it chains you

Flee now its too late now

See now how it tears you apart

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